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Active clients

$ 20.00/month

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per month
Active clients
additional fee
tier 1
up to 20 clients
$ 0.50 per month
tier 2
up to 50 clients
$ 0.45 per month
tier 3
up to 100 clients
$ 0.40 per month
tier 4
up to 250 clients
$ 0.35 per month
tier 5
up to 500 clients
$ 0.30 per month

For more than 500 clients,
please Contact us for Enterprise Pricing

Nukern's pricing is based on the total number of active clients in a month:
An active clients is defined having at least one active or suspended service.
It automatically adjusts as your pool grows or shrinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which integrations do you currently support?

We support cPanel, PayPal & Stripe at this moment - we're working on more integrations like Plesk, DigitalOcean, eNom & Braintree. We can't support all systems right at the very beginning of our journey, but we're slowly working our way towards supporting the most requested integrations by our users.

Can't see an integration you require on this list? Head over to our Request Board.

How do you compare to WHMCS?

We're a Software as a Service company; which means that contrary to WHMCS, you don't have to install, update, patch or backup anything. Everything automated on our side, which also means that you don't need to pay for a server to run your billing software.

Then you have the Admin Dashboard and Client Portal; both have been carefully crafted in a beautiful and modern interface. Both portals are also protected against DDoS attacks and have their static content replicated on the Google CDN.

You can customize the colors of your Client Portal and have your own logo/branding. We're also about to open-source the Client Portal. This means that you'll be able to seamlessly integrate it with your own website.

We're cheaper to start with! If you have 25 active clients (or less), our plan is $10 per month. And of course, our amazing support - from inside your admin panel, you have a live chat where you can connect directly to one of our team members for questions or feedback. No more 8-48 hours of delay just for a generic reply.

As for integrations, we currently support cPanel, Stripe and PayPal. We're always working on adding more integrations, so feel free to suggest one. Current integrations in our pipeline are; eNom, Plesk, DigitalOcean and Braintree.We're always working on adding more integrations, so feel free to suggest one. Current integrations in our pipeline are; eNom, Plesk, DigitalOcean and Braintree.We're always working on adding more integrations, so feel free to suggest one.

What is your pricing model?

Our standard plan is $10/month and allows you to have up to 20 active clients at any time during that month. Extra active clients are $0.40 per month each, or less (as low as $0.05), depending on your total client volume. We'll introduce our yearly pricing soon.

And of course, your Nukern plan comes with all of these goodies;
Instant deployment on our blazing fast infra (no manual installation)
Free lifetime updates (always automated)
Free 24 / 7 support (chat right from your dashboard)
DDoS L4 / L7 protection (Incapsula protection)
Worldwide CDN for static content (Google Cloud)
White-label Client Portal (Your colors, your brand)

What's the "active client" definition?

Normally, we talk about an active client when that client has one or more ongoing or active service(s) with you. For a client to not count against your total number of active client in Nukern, it must be disabled in the system. A disabled client cannot be invoiced, cannot pay for an invoice, cannot have any active service or product. It can only see its past invoice(s) and available service product(s) to order, though she/he cannot order.

Do you have a demo?

We do not have a demo available at this time. We should have a fully working demo in 2017. The only way to see Nukern in action now, is to pre-order Nukern. You will get access to our Beta (double your credits + money back guarantee).

Is it possible to import data from WHMCS?

At launch, there will be an automated WHMCS import tool for you to use. It will import all of your clients data to Nukern.

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