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* The free trial is for a limited time only. We will let all users know at least 1 month in advance before we intend to start charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't you charging yet?

We strongly believe that bringing heaps of value to our customers comes first. Because we're not yet satisfied with the current features and the level of polish, Nukern will be $0 / month until we feel like using Nukern will give you a significant edge on a daily basis. That's right, Nukern is free (but not forever), so you should get started right away!

What is your pricing model?

You can play with our "ACTIVE-CLIENT POOL SIZE" calculator above. If you'd like to have more details, you can always chat with us or take a look at our help center article.

When will you start charging?

Only when we feel like using Nukern will give you a significant edge on a daily basis. But it doesn't mean we're not currently adding value, on the contrary: no manual installation, no extra server to pay for your billing software, beautifully simple UI, etc.

Rest assured, we will send an announcement to everyone at least a month in advance, before we start charging, followed by multiple reminders. And because you don't enter any payment details when opening your Nukern account, you will never be charged, even if you miss the multiple reminders or if you decide Nukern is not for you.

Which integrations do you currently support?

We support cPanel, Plesk, PayPal & Stripe at the moment - we're working on more integrations like DigitalOcean, eNom & Braintree. For more info, visit our help center.

How do you compare to WHMCS?

Updates, patches and backups are all automated and seamless. You also don't need to manually install or pay for a separate server to run your billing software. Of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can find out more in our help center.

What's the "active client" definition?

An active client is defined as a client that has one or more active/suspended service, and/or one or more due/overdue invoice with you. You can find more info in our pricing model article.

Do you have a demo?

The best way to demo Nukern, is by creating your free account. And for a limited time, Nukern is FREE: no credit card needed, cancel at any time.

Is it possible to import data from WHMCS?

Not automatically (soon), but get in touch with us and we'll safely import all of your clients inside Nukern for free. Not using WHMCS but still need to import clients data? Let us know, we'd be happy to help (also for free)!

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