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Digital Agencies

Automates the recurring billing as well as the cloud & web hosting services of your clients

Grow your business

Focus on growth

Do you provide hosting recommendations to your clients?

Increase your margin by reselling cloud and web hosting services. Nukern automates all the aspects of reselling these services and their related billing operations. Focus on growing your business while effortlessly adding a new steady recurring revenue.

Automate your billing Automate your tasks

Get paid on time

Invoicing, reminding and collecting are on autopilot

No need to manually invoice, remind and collect payments from your clients. Every step is automated through Nukern, and payments are captured directly to your Stripe or PayPal accounts. Spend your precious time on better serving or finding news customers.

Be different, be bold!

Stand out from the crowd with Nukern's sexy white-label client portal

Brand your Nukern client portal with your own colors and logo — no code needed. A beautifully crafted storefront + easy to manage email templates that differentiate you from your boring competition.

[...] thanks to your platform, custom email templates can't get easier [...]

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James Alton@TrulyWitty


nukern for

Web Hosting Providers

Scale and automate your web hosting business

Beautifully simple interface

Beautifully simple interface

Perfect for new users, refreshing for senior providers

New and senior hosting providers agree; our meticulously crafted UI offers the best user experience in the industry, whether you're used to managing servers or not.

Billing done right

Billing done right

Automate your regular billing and payment capture operations

Instead of trying to figure out which client is using which service, or if John paid this month's bill or not, let our platform manage these things for you through automated payment capture and friendly reminders.

Smart hosting tool

Smart hosting tools

Effortlessly manage all your cloud accounts and hosting services

The number of hosting control panels and different cloud services keeps increasing — play it to your advantage. Manage all your services, across multiple servers, from your unified Nukern dashboard.

More features

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No more wasted time

Get started right away. No more manual installation process. You're up and running in mere seconds!

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Always up to date

Ever struggled with manual updates? Leave it to us with our seamless bi-weekly updates — no downtime.

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Beautiful and intuitive

Nukern is the beautiful dashboard you've been longing for. Instinctively know where to go and what to do!

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Tech knowledge not required

You don't need any technical knowledge nor specific skills to start automating your workflow with Nukern.

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Hosting on autopilot

The entire life-cycle of your customers' services are automated. Nukern simply wants to make your life easier.

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Easy migration

Our tools will help you easily migrate your clients over. If you need more help, simply let us know.

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your workflow

More tools and features through our
ever expanding set of integrations:

  • Plesk
  • cPanel & WHM
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
coming soon
  • DigitalOcean
  • enom
  • Virtuozzo
  • Let’s Encrypt

Over 400 companies from 54 countries have signed up for Nukern.
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